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100 Days of School

The Transitional Kindergarten class celebrated “100 Days of School!“

The children made a 100th day poster to hang on the school gate and the classroom was filled with “100” signs and streamers. Their celebration started with music and dancing.

The children had the opportunity to make their own personal bagel pizza (while wearing gloves of course). The choice of ingredients the children used were: pineapple, turkey sausage, pepperoni, olives, cheese, green bell peppers, mushrooms and pizza sauce. They made a cake and added the number “100” and sang “Happy 100th Day”.

The celebration concluded with a small ceremony which included a certificate, hat, and a sticker and they read The 100th Day of School. They had the best time!

100 days of school poster
Painting preschool poster for 100 days celebration
Painting the 100 days of school poster
making their own pizza
Make your own pizza
ceremony with certificate, hat, and sticker to celebrate
preschool 100 days ceremony with certificates
cake to celebrate 100 days
100 day celebration cake