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Pre-K Computer Exploration

One of our Pre-k classrooms decided to take a look inside an old computer tower this week. They used two types of screwdrivers; Phillips and flat head. The friends figured out that certain screwdrivers can only work on specific screws.
The children also worked out which way they needed to turn the screwdriver to loosen instead of tighten a nut or screw. Their fine motors skills were working hard to get all the screws and nuts out.
Language skills were also being developed as this activity sparked a lot of curiosity and questions from the children. They wondered what certain parts were used for, how it worked, why it was broken, and how they might fix it. New vocabulary words were introduced such as circuit, motherboard, pressure, electricity, and many more. It took teamwork, communication, and collective problem solving skills to get out all of the parts and pieces.