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Preschool Field Trip to Tanaka Farms

Our Preschool classrooms had the opportunity to visit Tanaka Farms today! The children rode in a wagon and walked through the fields. Tanaka Farms grows and harvests over 60 different fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

We discussed the importance of eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables because it gives us vitamins and minerals for our body. The children were able to get off the wagon and collect a stalk of celery that was picked from a worker. They then got opportunity to pick and collect strawberries., and even ate strawberries while picking! While picking the strawberries, we talked about how strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside.

After picking the strawberries and exploring the fields, the last stop was visiting the animals at the farm. The children got the opportunity to see a horse, donkeys, turkeys, and a pig.