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Welcome Fall: Pumpkin exploration

It still feels like summer, but fall is here… and so are the pumpkins! Time for some pumpkin exploration!

Each classroom from our Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten class each picked a pumpkin to incorporate into their daily curriculum activities. The preschool classrooms used voting process to decide which pumpkin they should choose for their class. They cast their vote by standing near the pumpkin that they wanted, and the one with the least amount was removed from the voting and children then needed to pick the next available one, until it was narrowed down to the 1 pumpkin with the most votes. What a fun way to incorporate a little democracy and make a collective decision while using a little math too!

TK children standing near the pumpkin they selected
TK chidlren voting on the pumpkin
The final selection and winning pumpkin
using the pumpkins as drums