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Our preschool curriculum is based on Jean Piaget’s and Lev Vygotsky’s constructivist theories. We strive to involve children in problem solving situations by utilizing science (physical and natural), mathematics, and social activities. Our preschool and toddler curriculum also provides a variety of hands-on and social activities that incorporate children’s and families interests, needs and life experiences by exposing children to the fields of arts, music and creative movement. All of our staff plays an integral part of the curriculum by facilitating children’s explorations and positively interacting in their daily routines.


We provide two nutritious snacks, morning and afternoon as well as lunch that is prepared at the school (included in the price of tuition). *** Lunch is included for children 18 months and older for Core and Extended schedules. Lunch not included for infants or 1/2 day children. We feel that mealtime is also a time for learning; therefore, children are encouraged to help themselves and each other. Nutrition is also incorporated into the preschool and toddler curriculum with cooking in the classrooms. Our weekly menu is posted on the parent board and website.


We believe behavior guidance to be a means of fostering children’s self-control, so that they will ultimately be able to incorporate values and standards into their lives. This will allow the childrend to interact responsibly with others in a predictable and mutually satisfying way as a percursor for life long learning.


We strive to maintain a clean and safe preschool environment. All our teachers are CPR and First Aide certified. Our preschool provides care for WELL CHILDREN. We depend on parents to follow the center’s policy and keep ill children at home.

Parents Reviews



Love, love, love Children’s Village! My daughter attended for PreK and loved it. In her first week, she saw butterflies come out of their cocoon and got to release them outside, fed bunnies and chickens, and watched chicks hatch out of eggs in an incubator. They target learning through exploration and observation during hands on activities. This is an awesome school your child will love. Drilling letters and numbers is not age appropriate and caused my daughter to not want to go to her previous school. She was excited to go to Children’s Village every day.

Elizabeth O'Hara

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Since he began attending Children’s Village, my son has shown incredible growth in his development. We love the time spent getting dirty, the interaction with animals, and the compassion shown for the children by all staff members. They are proactive in developing developmentally appropriate activities to encourage children to grown and thrive.

Sarah Roth


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