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French Court, Santa Ana, Orange Preschool

Children’s Village Preschool is a superb option if you live in French Court, Santa Ana.

From French court, turn left onto N spurgeton St, and turn right onto 17th St. make a right turn onto E Santa Clara Ave. and turn left onto Prospect Ave, and turn right onto Fairhaven Ave. Just drive straight and turn right onto s Esplanade St.

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About French Court, Santa Ana

The French Court is a historic building in Santa Ana, California. The building was constructed in the 1890s and served as the city’s first courthouse. The French Court is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The French Court is now used as a community center. The building houses a theater, art gallery, and meeting rooms. The French Court is also home to the Santa Ana Historical Museum.

The French Court has a unique tower on its roof. The tower is seven stories tall and made of wood. It stands as the only wooden courthouse tower still in existence in California. Architectural historians have described the French Court’s tower as a “rare example” of a Civil War-era wooden courthouse tower “that survives with little alteration.” The tower was built in a Victorian style and featured a mansard roof.

When Santa Ana was first settled, the town’s residents met for meetings at private homes or churches. In 1880, the people of Santa Ana began to collect funds for a permanent courthouse building. The French Court opened as Orange County’s first courthouse in 1888. When it opened, the building housed county offices and courtrooms.

Over its life as a courthouse, the French Court has also served as Santa Ana’s city hall. The French Court served as Orange County’s courthouse until 1958 when an eight-floor concrete building replaced it.

Since 1958, the French Court has served as a community center. The building houses the Santa Ana Historical Museum, which opened in 1972. The French Court’s tower is open to the public and can be climbed to view Santa Ana, Orange County, and neighboring counties.

The French Court has been used as a filming location for several productions due to its historic nature. The courthouse was used in the 1962 film “Mi Rancho Caballero.” The French Court tower was also used as a location in the 1989 movie “Back to the Future Part II,” It stood in for an 1890s-era town. The tower can be seen in several scenes of the movie.

The best grocery stores and restaurants in French Court, Santa Ana, California, include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, Pee Bee’s Italian Food, and Pho Hoa.

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If you reside in French Court, Children’s Village Preschool is an excellent option for your children. The institution has a unique environment and an enviable reputation.

However, space is limited, and you should immediately enroll on the waiting list. This is entirely free – and there is no need to accept the position, but enrolling does provide your kid with the choice.

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