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Bottomline: Feel confident in placing your child here.

7/31/2012  (copied from Yelp filtered reviews)
We looked at probably a dozen preschools before coming here, and I can tell you, it was worth the search. As a result of seeing how others operate, I am so happy and grateful our son is here! I can’t really express how fully our son has blossomed since beginning here.
To be honest, we first placed him in a smaller, private center on the mistaken assumption that a small program equaled more and better attention. WRONG. Although the facility looked beautiful from the outside, we pulled him out after a month and a half. He started coming home saying he was “bad” and a host of other horrors–and then, I stopped in to pick him up early one day only to find the “teacher” half asleep on the couch and the kids watching TV!!! Nightmare.
At any rate, an educator at a well-respected program recommended Children’s Village because our son was not yet fully potty trained. It was the best possible recommendation. Theirs is a developmental philosophy–essentially a belief that kids learn best doing the work of childhood–singing songs, getting dirty, reading, and experiencing the math and science inherent in everyday tasks like cooking and caring for pets.
When you sign your child up here there’s a form essentially telling you that your kid will get dirty from playing outside. My kind of place! The teachers all know our son’s name, and he theirs. They talk to us every day and  send emails everyday updating us on what the activities of the day were. the director Jessica is a joy, and his teacher Ruthie has gotten him potty trained in a week, where it was taking me months! They offer special programs like field trips and sing-alongs, movie nights and music days. Our son can’t wait to go to school each day, and each day he comes home knowing something new–a vocabulary word, a story, or numbers. he is associating school with joy of learning. Coupled with the activities we do at home like reading, music and Spanish and French, I feel that he is growing in the best possible ways.
Bottomline: Feel confident in placing your child here.
Samantha D., Orange, CA