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I Played

Our son has been enrolled at Children’s Village Preschool since May 2008 and we feel truly blessed for the experience he is having by being there.  As a first time mom, it was truly hard for me to realize that he needed to go from his grandma (aka “Nanny”) watching him to a preschool setting when he was only 18 months old.  But because of the staff they have there and the developmental curriculum they consistently use, he has truly grown emotionally, socially and developmentally over the past year – more so than I could have ever hoped for.  At the mere age of 2 ½ he can count to 11 and say his ABC’s completely by himself (without being prompted), knows most of his primary colors, can dress himself, has the vocabulary of a 4 year old (according to his pediatrician) and is really close to being toilet-learned.  We temporarily (and might I add regrettably) changed him to a Christian based preschool that was more convenient to us, but returned only 2 weeks later, as we realized he was not happy and the staff and developmental program at Children’s Village Preschool was much more beneficial to his growth than the Christian or academic program was.  Now when I ask my son, “what did you do at school today?” and he replies, “I played”, my heart knows he is exactly where he belongs.  There truly is no better 4-letter word for a parent to hear than PLAY – as you know that your child is learning all kinds of great things.  The only change or improvement we can see that Children’s Village Preschool needs to make, is to incorporate a licensed Kindergarten and Elementary School program so our son can continue being part of an AWESOME program for years to come!  


Mom of 3 year old.