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Parent Survey comments May 2014

A few responses when we asked “What do you like about our program?”
I love the setting of the school, with its multiple play grounds and buildings. I love the animals,
and that you hatch eggs, and butterflies. I love how messy the kids get, and how much creative
freedom they’re given. I love the nurturing environment that the teachers provide. I love that you
make the lunches at school.
We LOVE Children’s Village. I am so sad to be leaving in June as we transition to Kindergarten. I
know that my children are SO well taken care of, everyone treats them with love and respect and
the LOVE for learning they have gained there is unmatchable. LOVE our school!
We like how engaged the kids are–there are always a ton of great, age-appropriate activities. We
love how all the staff recognize the parents and know the kids names. The yard area is wonderful–
so much space! We love the large, shady trees, separation of upper and lower yards, and of course,
the animals. It’s great to see the kids learning about the different animals living at CV.
What I like best about the program is the staff at CV. Although there was a period of time where
there seemed to be a high rate of turn-over in staff, the core group has been in place for the last 3
years we have attended. It is also very important to me that my child is in a safe and protected
environment. I like the fact that CV arranges to have community workers come in to visit with the
children and I love how the children spend a lot of their time outdoors and with “messy” play.
I like how the daily routine is a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities. I really like how AM, PM,
and lunch are provided. There are the chickens, rabbits, and tortoise as school pets and how each
class takes a turn taking care of them. The field trips and special activities throughout the school
We enjoy the creativity, the projects, the education! We are amazed at Chase’s enthusiasm to
write his name and other words. The teachers and administrators are outstanding. It is a great comfort to take our children somewhere that we know they are safe and happy during the times we are not with them.
Love that the infants get inside and outside time (when appropriate) and that they have a separate
play area.