Preschool Parent Survey comments

Comments taken exactly as written from Parent Survey, March 2010


1 – I love that my kids LOVE going to school so much.  They are happy, enjoying learning (letters, reading, writing, colors, songs, manners), they get dirty, and they are exhausted when I pick them up – I know they’ve been busy learning while playing.

2 – I love how the kids can be kids!!  I love how they can be curious, and explore, and just get plain dirty!!  I love how they learn developmentally, and how they are independent in many of the choices they make throughout the day. Best preschool in Orange/Tustin area!

3 – The developmental aspect and focus on learning through play.  There will be more than enough time for “academics” later & it’s much more important for preschoolers to learn to get along and work with each other and be overall nice, sociable people than little Einsteins under so much pressure to perform academically before they’re ready!

4 – The feeling around the school is more community not as much a rigours/structured school setting.

I really like the program’s philosophy and I feel that my child is encouraged and motivated to try new things without feeling frustrated or forced… My child loves learning and I think that this program is great.

5 – I love the communication and the overall theory that it takes a village. I appreciate that my son knows most employees by name :).

6 – play opportunities. Use of paint, glitter, cutting, glue- creative items that are really fun but the parent doesnt have to clean up!