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Bittersweet but proud part of preschool.

We wish we could keep them forever but at one point they have to graduate from preschool and move to the next steps.  Below are from cards or e-mails received last week that parents gave to us on there child’s last day before kindergarten.  Some have been with us from the infants, to toddlers to preschoolers.
Dear CV Teachers and Staff,
I would like to express my deep appreciation and thanks for all the love, guidance and lessons you have provided *** and *** while in your care.(names removed but they were twins) They are leaving Children’s Village confident, curious, happy and ready for kindergarten. Thanks to each and every one of you!
I can still remember how frightened I was to leave *** in the nursery with strangers. I did not think I would ever get used to the idea or have any peace of mind while at work. Thank you for treating my children as if they were one of your own-that made all the difference.
I know ***and *** will look back will look back at their childhood and remember Children’s Village fondly. We have lots of pictures to help them remember but it is the impression you all made on them that they will recollect affectionately.
Dear Stephanie, Dane, Jessica and Staff,
Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had *** at your amazing school. You have taught him so many valuable things and allowed him to grow, learn and play! Thank you for all you do.
***, mom and dad
To Everyone at Children’s Village
*** has been so lucky to get to know all of you these past two years. He has grown up so much, thanks to your care, support and enthusiasm. We are grateful to all of you.
*** Family
Hi all,
Took this photo this morning. My two favorite teachers who are still at CVP!  We will miss everyone at the school as well as the school itself. We were so lucky to have found it way back before *** was even born. One our best decision was to go right back in from our car after touring the school and put a deposit down right then and there! Thank you all for everything!
*** is part of the person she is today because of everything you have done for her. I also want to thank all the teachers over the years who have helped me with quite a few sometimes extremely difficult drop-offs.  A death grip on the leg is pretty hard to get out of without some help!  I truly cannot express how much I have appreciated that. And knowing and trusting that *** was in such good care all day made leaving her every day a little bit easier for me. Again, thank you all and we will miss you!
***, *** and ***